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Glass coating HardoLass

Hardolass ロゴ
The strongest glass coating
Hardness 9H or more

What is Hadlass Glass Coating?

Hard (album)oLass (consists of 100% silica glass that is completely inorganic.
A glass coating agent that forms a high-density glass film by coating and can be adapted to multiple materials isHard (album)oLass (There is nothing else.

[Characteristics of Hadlass Glass Coating]
The quality and content of silane, the main component of the glass coating film, determines the superiority or inferiority of the product. Hadlass is a durable, heat-resistant, high-hardness glass coating that forms a completely inorganic membrane.

Abundance of expected effect performance
Obstacle scratches, anti-rust, anti-staining, waterproofing, heat resistance, insulation, surface reforming hardness UP, bending, resistant to shock, etc.

Good workability and simplicity
It does not become a spot, a sauce, a peeling, etc.

The speed of drying time

Versatility that can be applied to all of its products and all material coatings

It is a differentiator from other companies' products.
[Difference from similar target products]
Most of the maintenance products in golf equipment are cleaning tools and products such as tsuye, and the effect, corresponding years, and durability only at that time remain a problem.
→ is originally different from glass coating.

Most of the products called glass coatings in the world are basically made from fluorine organic polymers, methylsilokisan resins, or inorganic and organic hybrids, so durability and sustainability will be about two months to one year.
→ is not originally called a glass coating.

FUSION Hadrth coating is now available for you to request at the store!
Sample bikes, etc. are on display.
You can request it after seeing the effect of the actual coating.
Please come and see us!

If you are in a hurry, please contact Iso in charge of reservation direct telephone 090-2925-9711.


Note: Prices are tax-excluded.
Before Hadrth Coating (Frame/Wheel)

After Hadrth coating (frame wheel)

Hadras coating before construction (frame wheel) mud color

After Hadras coating (frame/wheel) mud color